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Choose from the following payment methods to conveniently pay for our high quality products from South Africa:

PayPal - Secure payment on the internet

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods on the Internet. The buyer protection provides you with comprehensive security. With PayPal you do not incur any account management fees, no service charges and you do not have to prove a minimum turnover. Paying with PayPal is always free of charge for you. With a virtual account you can receive and execute payments. PayPal acts as transaction agent and trustee. The big advantage of this method of payment is that payments made are credited immediately, so you receive your goods quickly. We therefore recommend PayPal. For technical reasons, you will only be forwarded to the PayPal website after you have placed your order. So don't be surprised that you only have to enter your data after the ordering process.

Credit card - Visa or MasterCard

Paying by credit card is widespread on the Internet worldwide. The security is very high due to encrypted transmission in the SSL standard. As a rule, you are also protected against misuse, as you can withdraw incorrect bookings. In Europe MasterCard and Visa are particularly popular. Besides these two credit cards, we also accept American Express and Discover.

The credit card account is debited on the day of dispatch.