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Gin in the Winter

As the weather turns greyer and the air humidity is at around 100% a gin and tonic is no longer peoples first choice of drink. The refreshing nature of a deliciously dry gin and tonic is usually a feeling we crave in the heat of summer, but that doesn’t mean that your gin bottles should be pushed to the back of your booze cabinet until next year. There are many great gins out there that fit well with a cozy evening indoors thanks to the botanicals they incorporate.

What makes gin so interesting are the different botanicals each distiller chooses to use and to give the product that element that will tell its story. The addition of warming botanicals gives the drink a certain depth and roundedness, and these sensations comfort us during colder weather. The Ginifer Chili would be my first option for a gin that can add some heat to a cold day. 

Ginifer Chili, distilled in Johannesburg, South Africa and uses red chilis that have been macerated in the base alcohol for 9 months, to add the chili edge to the drink. After 9 months the chili flavour no longer burns but still has a delightful warming sensation. All the classic features of a London Dry gin are present in a sip of Ginifer Chili Gin, culminating on the chili after-glow. There are just so many reasons why this gin should be top pick for winding down a cold evening.

My favourite Christmas time companion is the Coco L'Orange by Inverroche. Inverroche is known for their superb Luxury Gins and once a year, founder Lorna Scott, brings out a limited edition gin that has global appeal. Coco L’Orange from the Creative Collection brings together the best ingredients from all corners of the globe, oranges and fynbos from South Africa, kakao from South America and Saffron from Asia. Zesty yet mellow this gin is truly special and nothing like you have ever tasted before.

To me Coco L’orange is not only a great evening time gin, it also fits well into the Christmas season. With delicious layers of orange and cocoa that underpin the classic juniper taste and fynbos infusion that Inverroche is known for. This gin lets my mind wander to all things snowy and romantic, the complete opposite of the summer time refresher Gin Tonic.

So Gin can be part of your winter bar and you don’t need to pack it away with your summer wardrobe.

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